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“White men, they get nervous when another race gets a little power, ‘cause they’re scared that that race is going to to do them what they did to that race. So they start screaming, ‘Reverse racism! This is reverse racism!’ Wait a minute, isn’t reverse racism when a racist is nice to other people? That’s reverse racism. What you’re afraid of is Karma.”

—Wanda Sykes

Posted on my school’s BSU facebook. So good!! I had to share. (PS. I didn’t check my sources so Wanda may not have said this, but the quote is still awesome)

——-This is what you call idiocy. How can the faults of a past generation carry over to the next. Fucking fail i swear. Not one person should be afraid of any color of someones skin regardless of their own. This whole thing sounds like i’m in fucking 5th grade or something lol.

The whole point of this is that white people aren’t accountable for anything their ancestors have done. This person can’t accept that and i guess i can’t accept that there is in fact racism still left in this world, but i’m going to try and suppress it all i can.

Daft Punk!

Daft Punk!